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Anil Gulati

Managing Partner

Anil is an investor, operator, athlete and a staunch University of South Carolina Gamecock fan.

Over his professional tenure, 25 years, he has been a student of business and continues to learn what drives them, how to manage them, how to grow them or how to buy them, but the one thing that he has learned that is more important than the science is the art of motivating and managing individuals towards a stated goal. People and trust are the core to the success of any business and relationships, however, so many management teams get this wrong.

His educational background, no different than most of his brethren, includes an undergraduate degree in Accounting, a CPA and an MBA in finance and operations. These credentials have awarded him the opportunity to pursue his passion of meeting, mentoring, and advising countless entrepreneurs and business owners who are so passionate about their own businesses and wanting to excel.

His athletic memories include being a team member of a D-3 NCAA Tennis Team, as well as a hitting-partner for a D-1 NCAA Tennis Team, top 10 in the country, during his time at graduate school. Currently, he focuses on the sport of triathlon to stay fit.

For the past 15 years, he has been implementing “buy and build” strategies within the lower-middle-market with non-control and control transactions. During his first 10 years, he implemented growth and operational improvements initiatives at Global 2000 companies, both domestically and internationally.

Why Stelaris

We have been in the seat of responsibility at the C-suite of middle-market companies and can truly appreciate the daily rigors of wearing multiple hats. Whether it is breaking into and preserving important accounts, competing against giants or financing growth, we have been there.


Our value creation model focuses on the long term through operational effectiveness and efficiency, and business model innovation. From our perspective, capital is a catalyst for the value creation process, however, despite being necessary it is insufficient to create value. We take an active role on portfolio company boards of directors and work closely with management teams on strategic, leadership, operational and financial issues. Accordingly, we are patient investors who understand that it takes time to build significant companies of lasting value to customers, employees, stockholders and communities.

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