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How RFPs and DDQs Get Done

The paper presents the results of its recent survey of over 170 private equity, hedge and long-only managers fund managers exploring how marketing, investor relations and compliance professionals are optimizing their staffing, processes and technologies to meet the due diligence needs of the allocator community.


Spotlight on Regulation A+ Fund Structure

Reg A+ Comes of Age: Industry Insights on Regulation A analyses the trajectory of the two-tiered offering vehicle over recent years, profiles the sponsors and managing broker-dealers involved in its utilisation and offers perspectives from key industry participants on its prospects for the future.



Trends and opportunities in Private Markets

Whitepaper on Private Markets asks two key questions: how far the substitution of traditional bank financing by private markets has left to run; and how far private equity remains distinct from public equity.


Best practices in private credit responsible investment strategies

This whitepaper provides a practitioner’s guide to imbuing ESG into a manager’s initial underwriting diligence and demonstrating why applying an ESG approach alongside other operational, legal, and commercial diligence may lead to better risk-adjusted investments.


Institutional investors push for incorporation of diversity, equity and inclusion in private markets portfolios  

As institutional investors turn to private markets, they are seeking to address systemic imbalances by increasing diversity within their organisations and boosting DEI with their investment portfolios. This includes implementing DEI manager programs and expanding due diligence frameworks to include diversity metrics.


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