Financial Perspective

• Revenue Growth Strategy

 - Revenue Opportunities

  - Customer Value


Customer Perspective

• Customer Value Proposition

  - Product/Service

· Price

· Quality

· Availability

· Selection

· Functionality

  - Relationship

· Service

· Partnership

  - Image

· Brand


Internal Perspective

• Operations Management

• Customer Management

• Innovation

• Regulatory

• Information Technology

• Human Capital/Leadership

• Organizational Capital


Productivity Strategy

  - Cost Structure

  - Asset Utilization


Corporate Governance Perspective

• Ethical Integrity

• Board Composition

Savvy investors know that each of these drivers require strategic and operational experience, but most have instead placed a premium on financial and transaction experience rather than on the capabilities that will drive the most value from their investments. A stronger operational bias is required.


Stelaris places its premium on strategic and operational expertise and was formed to bring those disciplines together with financial and transactional experience in a new type of investment company. Strategy, Operations and Finance are our core capabilities and we apply those capabilities to every investment we participate in.